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The real cost of an international relocation by Relocate MENA

Why You Should Request Multiple Quotes for Your Move

Relocating your life from one place to another is a monumental task, filled with excitement and challenges. The logistics of such a move are complex, requiring extensive planning, organization, and
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The Balance: Product Cost vs. Shipping Cost

Hidden Cost Impact of Moving Your IKEA BILLY Bookcase Internationally!

Shipping or Shopping? The Unseen Costs and Hidden Impacts of Moving Your IKEA BILLY Bookcase Internationally! Founded in Sweden in 1943, IKEA has expanded its operations worldwide, with more than
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Summer moving hacks: how to streamline your move and save time

How Relocate MENA Can Streamline Your Summer Move

Saving Time, Energy, and Money. Moving in the summer can be challenging, especially when dealing with high temperatures and humidity. If you’re moving globally from or to the UAE, staying
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Optimizing Global Mobility Expenses- Balancing Cost Control and Assignment Effectiveness.

Balancing Cost Control and Assignment Effectiveness

Optimizing Global Mobility Expenses As a leading Relocation Management Company (RMC), we understand the growing complexities and challenges organizations will face in 2023 regarding global mobility and relocation. As a
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5 Strategies for Cost Optimization in Relocation

5 Strategies for Cost Optimization in Relocation

Cost Optimization in Relocation Cost optimization is a crucial concern for companies in all industries, and relocation is no exception. With the costs associated with relocation being a significant expense
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Huge savings last year on internation relocation

500k AED Saved in 2022 on International Relocation

Our Clients Made Huge Savings on International Relocation in 2022 Last year, we saved our clients just over 500,000 AED. Yes – that’s half a million Dirhams. $ 0 USD
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