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International Relocation Support Service

Supporting you with all aspects of your relocation, globally.

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Focussed entirely on customer experience, our team of experts has over 40 years combined experience in the industry. Combining this with experts in software development, the team have created the ultimate tools to support your relocation requirements.

I'm Moving Overseas - how can we help?

Relocate MENA’s specialist team can support you with all aspects of your relocation. Here are just some of the things we’ll help you navigate:

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Our Frequently Asked Questions

A Relocation Management Company (RMC) is a professional organization that specializes in managing the entire relocation process for individuals, families, and companies. They coordinate with various service providers, such as real estate agents, movers, and temporary housing providers, to ensure a smooth and efficient relocation experience.

RMCs offer a wide range of services to facilitate the relocation process. Some of these include:

Using an RMC can significantly reduce the stress and time associated with relocating. We offer expert guidance, a single point of contact, and access to a network of trusted service providers, ensuring a seamless transition to your new location. Additionally, RMCs can often negotiate better rates and terms with their partners, potentially saving you money.

With us, it usually saves our clients money! We send your requirements out to the market, through an RFQ process and receive at least 8 quotations from accredited service providers. We’ll then let you choose your preferred provider, remaining your primary point of contact.

Yes. Our team provides a single point of contact during your relocation and together with the software platform will keep you updated at every step of the way.

Yes! Our experienced team can move you from any origin country to any destination country! We work with local, accredited movers and packing companies to find you the best customer experience combined with the best prices.

Choosing International Movers and Packers

Part of the international move process, especially when it involves moving to a new country where you may not be familiar with the local relocation companies, is selecting a moving and packing company. In our experience, many people when opting to manage their own move, will ask between one and three international relocation service providers to give them a quotation to move their items and in most cases, they will only ask for a door to door quote.

Gathering enough quotations

When an individual receives international moving quotes from the relocation service providers they put requests in to, they will usually receive quotes that have differing prices, terms and timescales. The best moving companies will usually give you a large document to read, which takes time.

Individuals may not realise that other international movers exist and that multiple companies can be involved in the process (one at origin and another at destination).

Knowing how to identify the best relocation companies and then make enquiries in the destination country can be hard, especially when experience of that country is still lacking, plus, it doubles the number of quotations to consider and increases the arrangement overhead for the whole move.

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Our Relocation Support Services

Enter the team at Relocate MENA. Our team of experts will arrange all aspects of your global relocation for you, while saving you money.

Performing Your Survey

We’ve teamed up with professional survey companies globally, so we can arrange a survey for you wherever you live. If you live somewhere really remote, we’ve got you covered with a digital video survey too.

Global Relocation Service Provider Network

Relocate MENA has built an exclusive platform, bringing automation to all aspects of your global relocation journey. We’ll handle the process of gathering quotes, in both origin and destination, using our “blind RFQ” process. This makes the process totally impartial, so you know that your international moving prices won’t be affected by your position, location or any other factor.

How does our software help you?

Our trusted Relo-Global SaaS app provides an online platform for accurate and extensive relocation quotations from multiple accredited service providers, such as moving companies, maintenance teams for offices and homes, MEP-certified engineers, maids, drivers and cleaners – ensuring competitive rates and high-quality service. With our blind bid RFQ process and standardised packing requirements, we ensure no hidden costs or surprises.

We will:

Whether you are moving for a new job, a tax-free salary, peace of mind, or if you’re returning home, we have the expertise to save you time and money on your international move.

Relocate MENA revolutionises the global relocation and international moving industry with total transparency, automation and unbiased support for valued clients.

Headquartered in The UAE, our team of experts offers simple and unbiased international relocation and shipping support, including visa and immigration assistance, onboarding support, and more.

Our app offers a convenient online platform to arrange surveys and receive accurate quotes from multiple accredited packers and movers, providing competitive, transparent rates and high-quality service from start to finish for international and domestic moves.

Stay up to date with the app
Stay up to date at all stages of your move, with the app

Which regions of the Middle East do Relocate MENA specialise in?

For peace of mind, trust us when moving into or out of the UAE and the GCC countries, including

Benefits of a Relocation Management Company

Take the workload off your Human Resources Department

Relocate MENA is the go-to resource for individuals, corporates and families planning to relocate to and from the Middle East and globally.

Our proven software system provides your HR department with a full live overview of all current moves within the business. The automated RFQ process guarantees you’ll receive multiple prices from both origin and destination companies, empowering an informed decision.

Trust us for a cost-saving, stress-free international relocation experience worldwide.

In the United Arab Emirates and the GCC, we offer full relocation and mobility support throughout Ras Al Khaimah, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm al Quwain, and Fujairah. Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Jordan, Qatar, Egypt, Iraq, Libya, Oman, Lebanon and other regions.

For the rest of the world, we have our online app –

Our worldwide network of service providers is designed to be flexible and easily expandable to meet the needs of our clients. We are dedicated to offering top-notch support globally meaning that we have taken great care in selecting the finest relocation partners in every location and for every service, by ensuring their credentials. Our rigorous selection process has led us to choose accredited moving providers who meet our highest standards and by having multiple approved providers in each location, we can provide unparalleled flexibility and value to our clients, all while maintaining our commitment to exceptional service.

Create your secure login today to see how we can save you and your human resources team time and, more importantly, money when relocating internationally for work.

Clearing the pathway into Global Relocation Services

A process of navigating the complex and ever-changing landscape of international mobility. Global relocation services are designed to assist individuals and businesses in relocating their employees to new countries or regions. The process involves various services such as immigration, visa and work permit assistance, cultural and language training, housing and relocation support, and more.

  • Wendy B
    Wendy B

    Excellent service from start to finish. We relocated from Saudi to Scotland and thanks to Debs and Meenu everything went smoothly. Any questions and queries were answered promptly and efficiently. Definitely would recommend as We have no complaints whatsoever. Thank you guys!

  • Mark G
    Mark G

    Simply outstanding removing all the stress and hassle of shipping, I would not hesitate to say just call them whatever your needs and they will sort it, just what you need. Debs and Meenu were amazing, can’t thank you enough

  • Amaka

    I was blown away by how swift, accommodating and professional Deborah and her team were. In 24 hours they had a quote and movers in my house. Deborah was kind and helpful at every stage and made the whole experience easy and stress free. I would highly recommend!

  • Sarah B
    Sarah B

    We were looking to mobilise an employee from China to the UAE and I had made contact with Deborah through LinkedIn. I knew Deborah through my previous organisation and as such reached out to her and the Relocate MENA team for our mobilisation requirements. I have always found Deborah to be very professional and helpful and extremely knowledgeable not only with relocation services but also immigration and documentation requirements in relation to visa processing. We also had the pleasure of working with Meenu who is very organised and kept both myself and the client updated on all aspects of the relocation. I would most definitely recommend Relocate MENA and the services of Deborah and Meenu to any organisation or individual looking for relocation and immigration support. We will most certainly use their services again should the opportunity arise.

  • Phil Q
    Phil Q

    Had a great service from Relocate MENA while I was sorting my move from UAE to Saudi. Highly recommended.

  • B.

    Working with Relocatemena was an excellent experience. They were punctual, polite and extremely professional. Deborah was fantastic and supervised the whole move with us. I would definitely look to use Relocatemena services again when I need it!

  • Deborah and her team are capable of providing invaluable support. There are people who see relocation as a logistical challenge and there are people like relocation MENA who see relocation for what it is…a life changing event for a family. Deborah and her approach to relocation is so personal and human it puts you at ease during a chaotic time. Her team is knowledgeable, capable and empathetic. I will never forget, when We faced an issue with a unreasonable landlord Deborah stood by our side and not only told us what is right or wrong but also called us to chat and make us feel better. This is the human connection missing in business today and it adds the most value… Our company will happily partner with Deborah on any relocation assignments. Thank you Deborah and Relocation MENA!

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