Your Comprehensive Relocation Guide to Moving to Kuala Lumpur with Confidence

You’ve found our detailed relocation guide for a seamless move to Kuala Lumpur! As expert global movers to KL, we’ve put together a complete relocation checklist and crucial information, including specific requirements and recommendations to help you transition effortlessly to your new life in Malaysia’s vibrant capital city.

Remember, our relocation service is here to support you every step of the way as you embark on your exciting new chapter in Kuala Lumpur!

Relocation Checklist: Planning Your Move to Kuala Lumpur

Stay organised during your relocation with these essential pre-move considerations:

Your Comprehensive Relocation Guide to Moving to Kuala Lumpur with Confidence
Your Comprehensive Relocation Guide to Moving to Kuala Lumpur with Confidence

Kuala Lumpur Visa Requirements: What You Need to Knowโ€‹

Before moving to Kuala Lumpur, take a look at Malaysia's relevant visa requirements, for you, your dependents and visitors:

For short stays of up to 90 days

For professionals, managers, and skilled workers

For long-term stays and retirees

Consult the Malaysian Immigration Department’s website for detailed information on visa types and eligibility criteria. Remember, we provide a full document attestation service and can assist with all steps of preparing your visa file.

Customs Information: Importing Personal Belongings and Pets

Understanding Malaysia's customs regulations before you begin planning your relocation is essential to avoid any surprise bills.

For household goods, you will need:

  • Copy Airway Bill.
  • OBL (express release preferred)
  • Copy of packing list.
  • Passport copy of shipper with photograph.
  • Copy of work permit and/or letter of employment confirming employment in Malaysia.
  • Identity card (IC) front & back for returning Malaysian.
  • Copy of work permit or letter of employment from origin country from returning

For more information direct from source, visit the Royal Malaysian Customs Department website

Transfer of Residence Regulations and Taxes

When transferring your residence to Kuala Lumpur, be aware of their relevant taxes:

Payable on income earned in Malaysia

Payable on profits from property sales

For detailed information, visit the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia website.

Home Search in Kuala Lumpur

Relocate MENA operates a Home Search Service, whereby we task a team of local agents to find an ideal property in your destination, according to your specific requirements. However, should you wish to do this alone, or have already found your dream new home, here are some pointers:

Property Portals in Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia

Other Considerations When Relocating to Kuala Lumpur


Register with a local hospital, such as Pantai Hospital or Gleneagles.


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