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Privacy Policy

As a valued RMC and move management company, your data and privacy are paramount to our business. Our relocation program is integrated with a high-end SaaS platform that has incredible benefits when tracking your relocations; We have all the tools you need to run your global mobility programs from start to finish. 

Our system and experienced team across the region excel at international data protection and handling laws essential for any business processing personal data, especially those working across borders, such as in the global mobility industry.

Our relocation management platform is built around security and compliance; we have fully incorporated the Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Data Protection and Security  

What is Relocate MENA’s overall approach to data security? 

Relocate MENA fully understands the need for data privacy and security for our clients in the global mobility space. We fully comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and follow all of the laws and regulations the European Union laid out concerning data protection.

The GDPR represents the most robust stance on personal data protection globally, and we, therefore, view this legislation as the global standard for information privacy and security. We offer all clients a Data Protection and Processing Agreement to sign. The document represents Relocate MENA’s contractual commitment to treat our clients’ data securely and comply with the GDPR.

Our GDPR-compliant solution provides complete data accountability, from initial assessment to ongoing monitoring and final deletion of non-essential personal data.

Does Relocate MENA provide a compliant solution for US-based businesses?  

Relocate MENA’s data storage and computing provider, AWS, is fully certified under the EU-US Privacy Shield. As such, we provide US clients with fully compliant handling of their assignees’ data without changing how they use or interact with us.

With this certification in place, US-based businesses can safely upload their data to Relocate MENA as they would to any US business without breaking US compliance or data privacy laws.

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