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What is MOFA Attestation?

Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) attestation is relevant forย all expats who are relocating to the Middle East region for the purposes of work.

Visa conditions in Dubai, Saudi Arabia and other countries state that a degree must be held by all skilled workers.ย  As such, the attestation of documents is mandatory in order to apply for a position and be employed in these countries.

In addition, a certificate of attestation is required, alongside a stamp, to ratify documentation related to marriage, divorce, birth, death and other changes of circumstance.

Which documents must be attested by MOFA?

The most commonly attested documents are related to work permit visa applications.

MOFA Certificate Attestation

Document Attestation for Visa Purposes

Which countries require such attestation?

Can I get the documents attested myself?

Yes. Document attestation usually involves a number of organisations. Firstly, you’ll need to obtain a stamp from the issuing organisation, such as your college, university or home government.

If your document is government issued, you will usually be able to obtain this stamp using the representative embassy in country. Where this is not available, you must apply to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs directly.

Once this stamp is issued, you can begin the process of official MOFA attestation directly, with the ministry in your required country.

The benefits of a Document Attestation Service

A document attestation service is frequently used by busy professionals who do not have time to learn the skills required to manage all of the organisations required to manage the MOFA document attestation process. It’s important to get it correct, because UAE embassies and similar require these official documents to complete your visa application.

Such services will usually manage the process end to end, whereby you supply the original document and the attestation service will apply to the required organisations on your behalf. The result is a fully completed MOFA attestation, with documents issued.

Our Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attestation Service

Our specialised, dedicated team of attestation professionals have all the necessary tools to efficiently facilitate the attestation of your documents. Through a combination of technology, know-how and a personal approach, they will streamline the entire process for you.

Using our proprietary software portal, Relo-Global, you an upload your marriage, birth, degree and education certificates and specify the destination MOFA country desired for attestation. Our team will immediately begin the process of foreign affairs attestation and using this portal, you will be able to view real-time updates of the attestation process.

Attestation Software Features

To get started, you can request a callback, or you can create an account on our portal and begin a new document attestation service request.

MOFA Document Attestation Service

Document Legalisation and Corporate Human Resources

Document attestation and legalisation for employees is an ongoing headache for employers. In our experience, the HR burden required to arrange, initiate, followup and track the legalisation process on behalf of their employees can be huge for small to large sized business alike.

Expert Attestation

With the help an expert attestation service, such as that offered by Relocate MENA, in combination with our software platform, your HR department can offer a dedicated portal to each of your employees individually to offer competitive prices, full tracking and end-to-end simplicity in the proecess.