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Beware of the jellyfish …

Beware of the tail end ..

There are ways to avoid being stung …

Are you or your company relocating staff into or out of the Middle East Region?

How do you know, the moving companies you are comparing are like for like?
Apples have many varieties.

But here’s the thing, with so many packing and moving companies competing against each other, Something’s got to give..

More and more companies and independent clients are looking at a relocation management company as a unbiased and specialised alternative to obtaining rates for a move.

Relocate MENA personally survey your household goods and personal effects.

Your data and privacy are our number 1 priority. Only Relocate MENA know

– what exact location, kind and size of property you or your assignee lives in
– What job you’re employed to do, and at what level
– What industry you work in
– Whether it’s personal paid or paid for by your company

Because believe it or not, These small things make a big difference.

Once we have your volume estimate, we tender those results to the international shipping companies for their costs. Which we issue to you, so you can make an informed choice.

When booked, Relocate MENA remain your primary point of contact, For moving out processes, packing, tracking, updates and all matters of correspondence and support.

We perform a detailed move out inspection, completely free of charge to issue back to the landlord or the representative when you vacate the unit, Ensuring a successful all round move out process.

Saving time, energy and money.

We are the changing the face of relocation support across the Middle East. Not just for large companies but for the individual.

Talk to us, about how we can save you money on your relocation costs. For your Household goods, Personal effects, Pets and vehicles

Of any size

[email protected]

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