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Relocating Overseas: A Comprehensive Checklist

Preparing for an International Move

Relocating overseas is a grand adventure, filled with a mix of excitement, trepidation, and endless logistics. It’s a complex process that requires more than simply booking a flight and packing a suitcase. Let’s break it down step by step, so you can start your new journey with peace of mind.

Understanding the Culture

Each country has unique customs, traditions, and social etiquette. Learning about the local culture, language basics, and customs of your future home will make the transition smoother and more enjoyable. For instance, did you know that in Japan, it’s customary to remove your shoes before entering a home? Understanding nuances like these will help you adapt and integrate more efficiently. Integrate with the help of a local guide with our orientation services

The Practical Aspects

Make sure to understand the cost of living, healthcare system, education options (if you have children), and transportation. Check the weather patterns – for example, you don’t want to move to Canada in the middle of winter with only summer clothes!

Legalities and Documentation

The bureaucracy of moving can be challenging, but it’s an essential aspect of your move.

Visa and Immigration

It’s important to understand the specific visa requirements of the country you’re moving to, as each country has different laws and procedures. Your visa status will also determine your rights and privileges, such as your ability to work or access public services. Consider assistance with visa applications using a service such as our visa service.

Update Your Passport

Check your passport’s expiry date. Many countries require your passport to be valid for six months beyond the date of your entry.

International Driving Permit

Consider obtaining an International Driving Permit if you plan to drive in your new home, as not all countries automatically recognise foreign driving licences.

Setting Your Affairs in Order

Relocating overseas requires careful planning and coordination. This is where our company’s expertise comes in, guiding you in tying up loose ends, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.

Finance and Taxation

Opening a Bank Account

It’s often easier to open a new bank account in your home country with an international bank that operates in your destination country. It’s usually easier to open account once your visa is approved and your job offer is secured. Also, understand the tax regulations in your home and host countries to avoid legal complications.

Health Care

Medical Check-ups and Vaccinations

Book appointments for dental and medical check-ups before you move. Also, research if any vaccinations are required for the country you’re moving to.

Health Insurance

Ensure you have adequate health insurance coverage that’s valid in your new home.

Home and Belongings

Selling, Renting Out or Storing Belongings

Decide what to do with your current home and belongings. You may need to sell your property, rent it out or put items into storage.

Shipping Your Belongings

Research international removal companies that can help transport your belongings safely and affordably to your new home. Our international move service is ideal for this, since we work only with trusted, accredited suppliers to bring you the best quality move throughout a transparent experience.

Essential To-dos

Notify the necessary institutions and services of your change of address. This includes banks, insurance companies, subscription services, and your national postal service.

Cancel or transfer any ongoing contracts and utilities such as electricity, gas, water, internet, and phone.

The Day of the Move

Pack an Essentials Bag / Day One Box

Pack a bag with essentials for the first few days – clothes, toiletries, medications, important documents, popular kids toys and chargers.

Safe Arrival and Adaptation

Once you’ve arrived, give yourself time to adapt to your new surroundings. It’s an opportunity to explore, meet new people, and fully immerse yourself in your new culture.

The act of moving overseas is undeniably a challenge, but with meticulous planning, it becomes manageable. Remember, this is a thrilling chapter in your life; even the hurdles are part of the adventure. Our company’s mission is to take the weight off your shoulders, to ensure a seamless transition into your new life overseas. Safe travels, future global citizens!

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