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Streamlining Your International Move: Solutions for Downsizing and Shipping

Moving internationally can often feel like an intricate puzzle, especially when it comes to downsizing and transporting cherished belongings. At Relocate MENA and Relo-Global, we understand these challenges intimately. In this blog, we’ll address a common scenario faced by many of our clients and provide practical solutions to simplify your move.

Understanding the Challenge

One of our potential clients shared their dilemma: downsizing for an international move from Riyadh. The items in question include a heavy coffee table, custom lamps, large framed pictures, a piano, books, kitchen items, and a cherished dinner service. They seek a reliable shipping company with an international presence and updated information on customs regulations.

Step 1: Selecting the Right Shipping Company

Relocate MENA’s Recommendation:

Choose a shipping company that is not only well-established in Riyadh but also has a strong international presence. This ensures consistency and reliability throughout your move.

Every family’s needs are unique. Opt for a company that offers bespoke services, catering specifically to items like musical instruments, fragile dinnerware, and heavy furniture. Relocate MENA has a POP (Point of Presence) in every country. With our digitised app, we offer rates from the host and destination country.

Step 2: Navigating Customs Regulations

Customs regulations can be a maze of outdated and conflicting information online. Here’s how you can stay updated:

Our platform provides real-time updates on customs regulations globally. This ensures you have the most current information at your fingertips.

Our team can assist you in understanding the specific customs requirements for your destination country, helping you avoid any unforeseen complications.

Step 3: Downsizing Effectively

Downsizing doesn’t have to mean losing what matters. Here’s how to approach it:

Identify essential items and those that can be sold or donated. For instance, bulky electrical items and old pans can be replaced, but unique items like custom lamps might be worth keeping.

Utilise local platforms to sell items. Donating to local charities can also be a fulfilling way to downsize.

Step 4: Special Care for Special Items

Pianos require careful handling. We recommend specialised crating and possibly even climate-controlled shipping solutions.

Use professional packing services for your cherished dinner service and kitchenware to ensure they’re transported safely.

Downsizing and moving internationally doesn’t have to be overwhelming. With Relocate MENA and Relo-Global, you have a partner that not only guides you through selecting the right shipping company and understanding customs regulations but also assists in making downsizing a smooth and stress-free process. Remember, it’s not just about moving items; it’s about relocating your life with care and precision. Let us help you make this transition as seamless as possible.

Feel free to contact us for a personalised consultation and take the first step towards a hassle-free international move.

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