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Relocate MENA Features Emirates’ Winter Trial for Snub-Nosed Pet Travel!

Hey there, global nomads and pet parents! Fresh off the energy-packed IPATA conference, we’ve got some tail-wagging news that’s going to make your furry friends yap, meow, or even chirp in delight! Get this: Emirates SkyCargo is throwing a winter bonanza for snub-nosed pets! Yup, you heard it right—Emirates is lifting the ban on flying our pug-nosed pals for a trial period from November 1, 2023, to April 1, 2024. High paws for that, right? Industry experts are giving this a double thumbs-up, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to share this newsflash with you.

Starting November 1, 2023, pack those pet passports because Emirates SkyCargo is rolling out the red carpet—err, flying mat?—for snub-nosed breeds, all while keeping their wagging tails safe and snug.

Here’s the down-low, or should we say the “snub-low,” on what you need to prep for this airborne adventure:

  • Fit to Fly Certificate: Got a vet you trust? Great! They’ll need to issue a Fit to Fly certificate, following the IPATA checklist tailored for snub-nosed critters.

  • Snub-Nosed Checklist: Don’t forget the mandatory IPATA snub-nosed checklist. It’s your pet’s golden ticket and will be up on IPATA’s website for you to snag.

  • Spacious Digs: Think of a penthouse but for your pet. Their travel crate has to be at least twice the usual size to ensure they stretch, turn, and maybe even do a little jig.

  • One-Way Street: Snub-nosed pets will be on a one-way ticket, a.k.a. single sector uplift, making their journey simpler and cosier.

  • Flying High on A380: Only the Airbus A380 gets the honour of hosting our snub-nosed VIPs.

  • Timing is Everything: No lift-offs from Dubai (DXB) between 09:00-18:00 hrs because, let’s face it, even pets aren’t morning beings.

  • Cats Rule The Night: Meow! Cats get the royal treatment and can choose between daytime and night-time flights.

  • Age is Just a Number: Well, not really. Age restrictions are per Emirates’ internal playbook.

  • Waiver Wonders: A snub-nose-specific indemnity waiver letter is the last paw-print needed for this journey.

We’re buzzing with excitement over this paw-sitive change. It’s all about keeping families together and ensuring our four-legged (or less) buddies are safe and sound, soaring through the skies.

Questions? Need to chat? Our lines are open. Just holler at your dedicated Emirates SkyCargo rep or message our customer support.

Wagging tails and safe trails!

Your ever-enthusiastic Relocate MENA Team

Download the IPATA fit to fly snub nosed checklist, here.

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