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Kuwait … are you serious?

In order for an ex-pat to live and work in Kuwait, they must obtain a residency visa (Iqama) The process for this can be a bit of a puzzle, as it’s only issued on the basis of a valid employment offer from a Kuwaiti Government organization or a private company. To obtain the iqama, you’ll require a NOC ( no objection certificate) and then the fun truly starts.

Kuwait’s rapidly growing economy has opened up in the fields of retail, finance, sales, and engineering and this offers rewarding opportunities for those looking to take advantage of the ex-pat way of life.

The reality of moving towards an ex-pat life is an exciting experience, a tax-free lifestyle, weekends at the beach, excellent healthcare, social welfare, and safety are key components of enjoying your time in Kuwait. But shifting your entire life and that of your family can be a very daunting experience especially when the requirements for residency are ever-changing and you don’t know the process, procedures, or requirements.

Luckily,ย @therelocationspecialistsย are on hand in-country, to expedite the process and to help you manage every step of your new adventure.

Our professional teams and experienced GRO’s will handle all aspects of

– Visa Applications; Business, Visit, Work, Family, Dependant, and government projects visa’s

– Work Permit applications, authorization, and Civil ID processes and procedures

– Attestation and legalization of any relevant documentation with MOFA, the relevant embassies, and institutions

– KSE certification & registration

– liaising with MOI, CID, MOFA, and all other government entities and bodies

– Application, tracking, validity, and renewals

We offer a very personalized relocation experience for every new international or transferee with anytime access on a mobile device.

Our safe, secure user-friendly SaaS app provides an incredible relocation experience making it easier for employees and companies relocating their talent to complete necessary tasks digitally. It lets the employee and HR view every step of the relocation process from onboarding to visa and immigration.

With secure document sharing and a step-by-step visa and immigration process, we commit to your internal policies and GDPR compliance throughout your mobility program.

Time to get your serious on? What are you waiting for?

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