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Received a notice to vacate in Dubai?

Have you received a notice to vacate in Dubai?

Have you received a notice to vacate in Dubai

Are you renting in Dubai and have received a notice to vacate?

What a kick in the tush…

After spending a few days at the DLD and the RDC, it’s worth noting that when you receive a notice to vacate through the official channels, this is not an eviction notice but merely the owner’s notice of intention to take back the unit for the reasons mentioned in the notice issued at the notary public.

The notary public letter is not a judge-awarded case; this is purely a formal way of notifying, sending, and delivering a letter of intent.

It’s also worth noting .. that you don’t need to Vacate the unit on the date mentioned in the notice period……

Like, WHOAH ….. hold on a second…

Yep, you read that right.

If you cannot agree on terms, like most, you will leave your “home” and find another unit, but what should you do when it all gets messy?

There are some things related to renting a unit that we suggest you absolutely must do when entering into a tenancy contract in Dubai; you should take a complete inventory, conduct a pre-inspection of the unit, and look for cracks in the tiles. Has your furniture seen better days? Slight damage to the woodwork?

– Perform a pre-inspection of the unit before occupying it, noting any damage, no matter how minor, and ensuring that the inspection is signed and returned to the landlord, their acting agent, or POA. Send it with images – chances are they haven’t seen the inside of the unit for a good few years. This is a sure way to get your deposit back without any deductions for pre-existing problems.

As friendly and helpful as that real estate broker is when you’re signing your contract as soon as the shit hits the fan, let’s face it: Unless the real estate company manages it, you won’t see them for dust. Get the landlord’s email address and mobile number. This way, you can handle issues directly.

– We can’t say this enough times – READ THE SMALL PRINT
Note the notice period required if you wish to vacate the unit.

Even if you have received notice to vacate, you must follow the terms and conditions of the duly signed contract and obtain a NOC (no objection to leaving) from the landlord. If your contract requires 90 days’ notice, make sure you provide the required notice. Why? Because if you don’t, you’ll have broken your contract, and the owner or investor can charge you for the rental until it’s rented or sold… YEP .. you read that right too …

As a gesture of goodwill, we would like to offer every renter the opportunity to do a pre-inspection or exit inspection on the property to safeguard their security deposit and sanity.

We are happy to provide a FREE copy of our property pre-inspection/exit inspection form to anyone interested in protecting themselves or their employees while renting in the UAE or elsewhere.

For the FREE inspection form – Go to our downloads at

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