This guide on navigating the import regulations for personal and household effects into Thailand will assist you in assessing whether you qualify for duty-free import of your household goods or personal effects into Thailand during your relocation. Here, we provide detailed information tailored for both returning residents and foreign nationals.

For Non-Residents

Documents Required

Passport Icon

Original Passport

VIsa Icon

Valid Non-Immigrant or Residence Visa

(minimum one year)

Work Permit icon

Valid Work Permit

(minimum one year) or Smart Visa reference number

Packing List Icon

Detailed Packing List

in English

Original Bill of Lading

Customs Regulations

Specific Visa Considerations

Previous Visit Restrictions

For Returning Residents

Documents Required

Passport Icon

Original Passport

ID Card Icon

Original Thai ID card

(for Thai nationals)

Customs Regulations

General Guidelines for All Shipments

Consignee Information​

Shipments must be consigned exactly to the full name of the shipper as shown in the passport.

Prohibited Items

Includes firearms, ammunition, pornographic materials, short-wave radios, Buddha heads or parts, and medical equipment.

Restricted Items

Wine, spirits, foodstuff, toys, wood products, and certain luxury items require special import licensing.

Electrical Appliances

Only one of each type of appliance is allowed duty-free; duplicates will be charged full duties.


A detailed packing list and clear marking on the OBL/AWB are mandatory. Incorrect marking can result in fines.

Prohibited and Restricted Items

Tips for Smooth Customs Clearance

Special Notes

Our Expert Help

Relocate MENA is your dedicated partner in managing the entire process of importing personal and household effects into Thailand. With over 40 years of combined industry experience, our team ensures a seamless, stress-free relocation experience from start to finish. We handle everything from securing all necessary documentation and liaising with customs, to arranging transport and ensuring your belongings arrive safely.

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