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Maids in the UAE: Your complete guide

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Employing a Maid in the UAE: Laws, Requirements, and Finding a Suitable Maid

Learn about the laws and requirements of employing a maid in the UAE, including the number of children one maid can care for and whether a single man can hire a live-in maid. Discover how to find a suitable maid, their qualifications, service history, and the average salary based on nationality.

Employing a maid in the UAE is a common practice among many households, as it can help make daily life easier for families. However, some laws and regulations must be followed to protect the maid’s and the employer’s rights.

Labour law According to UAE labour laws, the employer must provide a written contract detailing the maid’s duties, salary, working hours, and other conditions of employment. The contract must also be registered with the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MOHRE).

Age restrictions To hire a maid in the UAE, the employer must meet specific requirements, including being over 18, having a valid residence visa, and having a salary that meets the minimum requirement set by the government. It is also important to note that a single man can hire a live-in maid if he meets the requirements.

To hire a maid in the UAE, whether you are a single man or not, you must meet certain requirements. These requirements include:

  1. Being over the age of 18.
  2. Having a valid residency visa in the UAE.
  3. Having a monthly salary that meets the minimum requirement set by the government. This amount may vary depending on the emirate you live in.
  4. Having a suitable accommodation that meets the minimum standards set by the government. This includes providing a separate room and bathroom for the maid.
  5. Having a written contract that outlines the maid’s duties, salary, working hours, and other conditions of employment. This contract must be registered with the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE).

It is also important to note that single men are allowed to hire a live-in maid as long as they meet the requirements mentioned above. However, it is recommended that you consult with a registered service provider such as Tadbeer to ensure that you are following all the regulations and requirements set by the government.

Q. What, or who, is Tadbeer?

Tadbeer is a registered service provider in the UAE that specializes in the recruitment, training, and management of domestic workers such as maids, nannies, and cooks. Tadbeer is licensed by the government to provide these services and ensures that all its domestic workers are legally compliant and have the necessary qualifications and training to perform their duties.

Tadbeer provides various services to employers, including the recruitment and selection of domestic workers, visa processing, medical check-ups, training and orientation programs for domestic workers, and ongoing support and management of the domestic worker’s employment.

Employers can also use Tadbeer’s services to manage the legal requirements of hiring domestic workers, including processing employment contracts, renewing residency visas, and ensuring compliance with government regulations.

Using a registered service provider such as Tadbeer can provide employers with peace of mind, knowing that they are following all the legal requirements and have access to ongoing support and assistance throughout the employment of their domestic worker.

Q. I have four children, and another is on the way; how many children can my maid look after legally in the UAE?

In terms of the number of children one maid can take care of, no specific law or regulation dictates this. However, it is recommended that employers consider the maid’s workload and not overload them with responsibilities.

It is also possible to ask the maid to perform additional tasks such as cooking and ironing. Still, it is essential to clarify these duties in the employment contract and ensure that the maid is compensated accordingly.

To find a suitable maid, employers can use registered service providers such as Tadbeer. These providers offer recruitment, training, and other services to help employers find the proper maid for their household.

Q. Do maids need any qualifications?

Qualifications for becoming a maid in the UAE may vary depending on the employer’s requirements but typically include basic language skills, household cleaning experience, and a valid work visa.

Q. What about Au Pairs?

When hiring an au pair, looking for qualifications such as experience working with children and language skills is essential, as they will be responsible for caring for them.

Q. I’ve heard some horror stories; how do I check the person taking care of my kids is safe and has no records on their file?

To check a maid’s service history, employers can request a letter of no objection (LONO) from their previous employer. This letter confirms that the maid has completed her contract without issues or complaints.

Q. How long does it take to employ a maid and complete all the paperwork?

The paperwork for hiring a maid in the UAE can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the service provider and government processing times.

Q. How much does a live-in maid get paid a month? And Is that set in stone? 

The average salary of a maid in the UAE varies based on their nationality. For example, Filipina maids typically earn between AED 1,500 to AED 2,000 per month, while Indonesian maids may earn slightly less.

Q. What are the working hours of a maid? My neighbour’s maid begins her day at 6 a.m. and continues to work until late at night or early the next morning (between 1-2 a.m.)… Is that legal?

Regarding working hours, maids are typically required to work eight hours daily, six days a week. Overtime must be compensated and should be at most two hours per day.

Employing a maid in the UAE can be a beneficial addition to any household. Still, it is essential to follow the laws and regulations set by the government and treat the maid with respect and fairness.

It is also essential for employers to provide proper accommodations for the maid, such as a separate room and bathroom, and to ensure that they have adequate rest and breaks throughout the day.

When hiring a maid, employers should also consider their cultural and religious background to ensure they are comfortable with the household’s practices and expectations.

Hiring a maid in the UAE can be a smooth and positive experience for the employer and the maid if the proper procedures and considerations are followed. It is essential to take the time to find a suitable maid who is qualified and fits well with the household’s needs and to treat them with respect and fairness throughout their employment.

Employers should also be aware that they are responsible for the maid’s welfare and safety and should take measures to ensure they are protected from harm or abuse. Employers should also know their rights and responsibilities as outlined in the employment contract. They should communicate clearly with the maid about their expectations and any issues that may arise.

Employing a maid in the UAE can provide valuable household support. Still, it is essential to follow the laws and regulations, finds a suitable maid, and treat them respectfully and fairly throughout their employment. Employers can ensure a positive and mutually beneficial relationship with their maid by taking these steps.

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