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Relocate MENA Supports Assured Energy Performance (AEP) in their strategic expansion plans into the Middle East

Relocate MENA, a leading relocation management company with deep expertise in facilitating seamless international transitions, is proud to support Assured Energy Performance (AEP) in its strategic expansion plans into the Middle East.

Businesses across the globe are striving to meet net zero targets, but without a solid understanding of how they’re using energy across their sites, it’s impossible to make utilisation decisions that truly move the needle. Multi-site enterprises face unique challenges.

They must collect, standardise and analyse data from a plethora of industrial assets, from PLC and BMS systems to CNC machines and HVAC systems. Yet, diverse legacy setups make migrating this data to the cloud and contextualising it across sites difficult.

As the Gold Partner for Centrica’s energy insights solutions in the United Kingdom, UAE, and MENA, AEP provides the visibility you need to analyse your assets’ behaviour across numerous devices and sites.

Leveraging our extensive network and profound understanding of the region’s business landscape, Relocate MENA is uniquely positioned to assist AEP in navigating the complexities of entering a new market. Our comprehensive relocation and logistical services are tailored to meet the needs of AEP’s team, ensuring a smooth transition that aligns with their mission to revolutionize the Middle East’s energy sector with sustainable and innovative solutions. By partnering with Relocate MENA, AEP is well-equipped to establish a strong foothold in the region, fostering energy efficiency and contributing to the Middle East’s sustainable development goals.

Peter Oakes, MD, for AEP, took time out to thank the team for their unwavering company formation support for AEP.

Peter wrote, “We can’t thank Relocate MENA enough for the team’s support; we would highly recommend them.

Deborah was meticulous with her guidance throughout the whole process, step by step, and always with support, understanding, & professionalism.

With RelocateMENA supporting our business, we have successfully completed all of the steps in the company formation process & have expanded into the MENA/APAC region! I know that this wouldn’t have been as easy, streamlined, or as cost-effective without the RelocateMENA team! We will of course be continuing to work with RelocateMENA for all of our future relocation needs.”

It is truly our pleasure, Peter, and we look forward to welcoming the teams into the Middle East.

Peter Oakes

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