You know, some people see ex-pats or immigrants.

We see someone brave enough to leave everything and everyone they know behind. Pack their lives into a handful of suitcases and get on a plane with a one-way ticket; travel across the globe to go and live in a place they may never have been before; and start a new chapter

Let’s be fair; moving halfway across the world can be a pretty daunting experience; with our knowledgeable team of relocation experts at your fingertips, we make your relocation go smoothly without a hitch. 

We help organizations, employees, individuals, and families successfully relocate by assessing and comparing costs from international packing and shipping companies in the home and destination countries.

If you need help moving, you can search the internet and contact movers. You can also use to arrange a free survey, then obtain multiple rates from multiple internationally accredited movers and packers near you at no cost and without obligation

Our secure international moving ecosystem enables employers and employees to book an international moving survey and track the whole process, either online or in person, from anywhere in the world.

As self-managed moves become the new norm, it’s apparent that people moving for work need much more support than ever before when relocating internationally.

The packing requirements…

  • Volume estimate
  • Materials
  • Crating
  • Long carry
  • Stair carry
  • Handling charges
  • Terminal charges
  • Shuttling

…are standardized, ensuring all companies quote for the same criteria, avoiding additional delays and unexpected costs upon packing or delivery. We’re also able to present you a standardised list of prices to compare.

We check and clarify any potential hidden extras to avoid nasty surprises.

To reduce moving times, costs, and stress, we RFQ every single move in a blind bid process. We will execute your move on your behalf, door to door. We manage the day-to-day so that you can manage the good stuff.

Our team at Relocate MENA completely understands the emotions involved in moving home and relocating to a new country; we strive to maintain a high level of service throughout the process by providing transparent, straightforward, customised moves.

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